Our most recent great event was an ALE TRAIL! AND something’s still happening!

“What’s a CAMRA Ale Trail”, you may ask, “Isn’t it a beer festival?”

Well there’s one commonality – great real ales and ciders! The main difference is we, CAMRA branches, didn’t source and serve the beverages in a marquee or large hall – we couldn’t anyway at the moment, national CAMRA sensibly cancelled all face-to-face events before the lockdown and have maintained a rolling 3-month hold until further notice.

So we in North Herts, like a number of branches, e.g. Peterborough at the end of August, invited pubs and bars to offer you guest ales and ciders over and above their normal offering.

Well, what a response here! ALL, repeat ALL the pubs, bars and hotels that serve real ale normally took part and put on extra – The Whole Town reaching up to Wilbury Hills and Norton and the village of Willian to the south. What stars! LUCKY LETCHWORTH!

AND NOW…The hub for the activity was Love Letchworth‘s pop-up shop at 5, The Arcade, SG6 3ET. It was the main source of the guides, information, CAMRA membership joining opportunities, souvenir fanwear and festival glasses. AND IT’S STILL THERE UNTIL OCTOBER 31ST, so pleased were they with the response from the public.

It hAle Tasting fof Kelchner Brewery bottled beers,

have a display of CAMRA books that can be ordered, especially featuring the great beer writer Roger Protz, who has a new book just out about Britain’s Family Brewers. Hear about that on CAMRA’s podcast Pubs Pints People – also the theme of our weekend. The interviewer was CAMRA North Herts’ own Publicity Officer, Dean Barrett, who’s also the co-organiser of the weekend’s Ale Trail Treasure Hunt Quiz that supported Love Letchworth‘s World Food Fayre.

The Arcade’s a covered shopping parade next to The Three Magnets and close to Garden City Brewery and Crafty’s Beer Shop. We’re a relatively small town, but with great variety.

Not least our MAIN EVENT SPONSORS KHOI KHOI BAR + BRAAI, the newest ale and drinks venue in town, just celebrating its first anniversary. Pop-in and say congrats to Herbie and his enthusiastic young team, to enjoy Letchworth with a Rhodesian flavour!

The Ale Trail and accompanying Treasure Hunt quiz was enjoyed over at least the 3 days of the World Food Fayre, Friday 25th at noon until Sunday 27th and then until the 4th of October to submit Treasure Hunt quiz answers The results will be published on Thursday 8th October.

National Cask Ale Week ran from Thursday 24th September until Sunday 4th October, so we ran the Treasure Hunt over that whole period.

Thanks for following these rules and keeping us safe – keep it up, please, ongoing…VERY IMPORTANT – ESSENTIAL ACTUALLY

  1. Obey the Rule of 6 (at the time of writing) – only walk, drink or meet with up to 5 others AT ALL TIMES, indoor or out.
  2. Stay 2 metres from any individual and groups – remember if the sampling should loosen your inhibitions, that includes your up to 5 mates – form a 2 metre circle outside, and keep your distance.
  3. Wear face coverings wherever requested and be respectful of those who can’t – keep your distance again. Many retailers in town have facemasks if you forget or lose yours.

See you there, still!


Your CAMRA Letchworth LIVE team