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Branch Web and Social Media Webinar

This will be an open session for Committee Members, Festival Volunteers and Branch Members at large.

Exploring the growth in CAMRA North Herts online presence, it aims to give attendees more confidence to post news & views articles and pictures themselves and to comment on others’ publications.

These are, frankly, the missing ingredients of our social presence. Without you, dear members, posting yourselves, the three of us who are active – Jeremy Kitson, Secretary on Facebook, David Hardingham, Stevenage Festival Organiser on Twitter and myself on Facebook and Instagram – are our main routes to ‘market’ and sometimes bottlenecks as we, um, have other things to do!!

Join us to listen, share and then get online and posting!

Go to the event https://northherts.camra.org.uk/event/branch-web-and-social-media-webinar/

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