What is a Young Member?

A ‘Young Member’ is a member of CAMRA that is between the ages of 18-30 (although the membership discount only applies to 18-26).

Any member that is between these ages is welcome to go along to young member events as well as the normal social events.

The North Hertfordshire Branch currently has no Young Member committee member. Like beer? Like CAMRA? Under 30? Want to get involved? Get in touch! We’d love to see you at a meeting some time.

We’d particularly like to hear from any young member or prospective member who is social media savvy and would be willing to post and share on behalf of the branch.

Not a young member, but think a family member, friend or colleague might like to get involved? Please spread the word and ask them to get in touch via enquiries@northherts.camra.org.uk

There is more information about CAMRA young members, including information on membership discounts and more on the main CAMRA site’s web page: Young members

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