Hertfordshire Pints of View Magazine is a collaboration by four CAMRA Branches: South Herts, North Herts, Watford & District and Herts/Essex Borders.

Edition 310 is available online. It’s available as a paper magazine in pubs, clubs and libraries after June 20th. Please give our volunteers a while to get it to your local or view or download a pdf copy on the Pints of View Website where any updates will also be posted between editions.

With edition 304 we took it to a wider digital audience by including Facebook and Instagram accounts and a dedicated website.

Your editor is Paul Donatantonio, South Herts CAMRA committee member, also the Advertising Manager. Steve Bury the Editor for many years, now relocated to Kent continues to give us stories and thoughts via ‘Steve’s Shout’ as our Editor at Large and Dean Barrett, our own Chair, is Webmaster, and Social Media Editor.

If you have any news or pictures for future editions, please send them in to us at editor@pintsofview.camra.org.uk

See below for CAMRA’s national media.


Check it out for yourself at https://wb.camra.org.uk/

Podcast – Pubs. Pints. People.


The latest media venture by national CAMRA is the podcast – go to https://camra.org.uk/podcast/
Platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast.

The presenters and guest interviewers chat to special guests who are asked to conclude with their ‘Desert Island Beer’ and we learn about beer writing, brewing, cider making and more. Many episodes includes a ‘dive’ into CAMRA’s 50-year archive (and more besides).

or see ‘Beer‘ magazine at https://wb.camra.org.uk/publications/beer


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