Hertfordshire’s Pints of View, WHAT’SBREWING, the CAMRA Podcast – Pubs. Pints. People. and
Beer Magazine are CAMRA’s local and national magazines and media.

The latest Hertfordshire Pints of View is published as a three-month edition.

It’s once again available on paper. Look out for it in your local from 17th December, or you can still get a pdf here.

If you have any news or pictures for future editions, please send them in to us at pintsofview.northherts.camra.org.uk


Check it out for yourself at https://wb.camra.org.uk/

Podcast – Pubs. Pints. People.


The latest media venture by national CAMRA is the podcast – go to https://camra.org.uk/podcast/
Out on alternate Tuesdays when ‘on air’ on a number of platforms including Spotify and Apple Podcast, it has been anchored since launch by Katie Wiles, Senior Communications Manager of CAMRA HQ, currently on maternity leave, and normally co-hosted by two volunteers, Ant Fiorillo and Matt Bundy. This picture is their caricature.

Season 3 stared on March 2nd and all episodes are available for you to catch up. Start at the beginning! They are topical, but essentially timeless – think more audio book chapters than magazine.

The presenters and guest interviewers chat to special guests who are asked to conclude with their ‘Desert Island Beer’ and we learn about beer writing, brewing, cider making and more. Many episodes includes a ‘dive’ into CAMRA’s 50-year archive (and more besides).

or see ‘Beer‘ magazine at https://wb.camra.org.uk/beer_digital/


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