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Hitchin Rugby Club message of support

Peter Tasko wrote and posted on Instagram

@hitchinrugby https://www.instagram.com/hitchinrugby/:-

Dear Friends,

As Chair of Hitchin Rugby Club and an enthusiastic volunteer and supporter of the Hitchin Beer and Cider festival, I thought I would be spending this week helping to erect a marquee and building and serving on the cider bar.  With that now impossible, I am delighted that CAMRA has taken the initiative of launching a virtual festival.  This at very least reminds us of the joys or real beer and cider and will allow us to socialise, even it if is at a distance and facilitated by IT.  Hitchin Rugby Club will reopen as both a sports club and a bar as soon as circumstances allow.  In which order that occurs is hard to determine at this time, but I can confirm that when circumstances allow, we look forward to welcoming back our members, our friends from CAMRA and Round Table and of course the sport and real ale and cider lovers of the Hitchin area.  In the meantime, players stay fit and lovers of real beer and cider support the local businesses providing take out services and try to ensure that they are all there and ready to welcome us back when the pandemic is over.

Peter Tasko

Chair – Hitchin Rugby Club

Thanks, Peter, and the whole club. We miss your hospitality and hosting on the rugby field. We look greatly forward to the next time, for real!

Dean Barrett
Publicity Officer

On behalf of the CAMRA North Herts committee and your Hitchin Festival co-committee members

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