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CAMRA national chairman Nik Antona has praised the work of those involved in creating the new online What’s Brewing, in an email to members.

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Announcing the launch of the new platform Nik said: “A team of volunteers and staff have been working hard on delivering this new service in recent months and I am very happy to be sharing the result. What’s Brewing has evolved from a monthly printed publication to a new and improved digital platform to meet the needs of our members and bring you the news you want – when you want it.

“The entire site has been brought behind a membership log-in – once logged in with your usual membership details, you will be able to select your news preferences, such as filtering by region or topic interests. In an increasingly digital age, we want our members to be able to access news as and when it’s happening. In addition to logging your preferences, you will be able to opt-in to a regular email news alert, bringing you updates straight to your inbox as regularly as you would like it.

“Once logged in, click on “My Alerts” and choose the type of news you want to be alerted about, from where and how often.

“I hope that this new platform will be a brilliant way to not only share national and industry news, but to bring local stories and the hard work of our branches to the forefront. To help bridge the gap between national and local campaigning, and to provide you with even greater content and news stories relevant to you, we would like to encourage volunteer writers from across the UK to contribute to  What’s Brewing online.

“There is also scope for ongoing improvement over the coming 12-18 months based on member feedback. We will ensure there is plenty of opportunity to hear your thoughts on the new site, and what future updates can be made to make What’s Brewing Online a service that works for you.

“I hope you enjoy visiting the new site, and exploring the new features available. If you would like more information about this decision, the timeline for changes, web platform improvements or how best to get involved as a volunteer writer, you can find on the CAMRA website.”

“I appreciate this is a significant change, and that many of you will miss the physical What’s Brewing newspaper. Don’t forget – our quarterly BEER  will still be available in print and digital forms four times a year. From the Autumn 2021 issue onwards, BEER will include an eight-page What’s Brewing section to keep our readers up-to-date with the most important CAMRA news, features and analysis, opinions and more.”

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