Remember Stevenage 2020
Beer & Cider Festival?

Below is our story from 2020. The festival couldn’t be staged again since. We don’t know yet when we’ll be able to set up in Stevenage again, but we remain hopeful we’ll be back. Join us in Hitchin meanwhile.

Thanks to all who joined us in February 2020 and the many who left us comment forms.

Local residents may have seen a report in the Comet newspaper. Please click here for their report in more pictures, that was published online by the Comet. If you have any photos of your own you’d like to share, please do so on Facebook @NHCAMRA

We hope you enjoyed it and/or if you couldn’t make it we look forward to seeing you at our festivals, meetings, socials or minibus trips.


We were delighted to be sponsored by:-

Stevenage Football Club, Bog Brew Beers and The Broken Seal Taproom, The Hermit of Redcoats, Buntingford Brewery, Lincolns Tyre Service, Oakray Ltd, Mondial Travel and Moore Teachers Ltd.

See you again soon!