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Website of the Year 2020 – South Herts Branch

Congratulations to Tom Blakemore, Webmaster for South Herts, and all the branch members who contribute to their website, for achieving CAMRA’s Gold Award for the second year running.

As Ash Corbett-Collins, National Director of CAMRA suggested in the announcement of the award: “I would encourage webmasters and volunteers across the country to visit the South Herts website and see for themselves what makes it so fantastic. Hopefully there will be a few ideas they can use in their own branches.”

See for yourselves at https://southherts.camra.org.uk/

I couldn’t agree more and not only did indeed South Herts’ 2019 success inspire the creation of this new North Herts website, but Tom has been kind enough to spend a few hours sharing his experience and helping with the set-up.

Top bloke and great neighbours!

Dean Barrett
Publicity Officer

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